Prices – UK

Full managed tagging service

A full turnkey conversion service is provided:

  • Financial accounts produced in PDF, Word or Excel format are processed by us (utilsiing the taxonomy applicable to your accounts), and then returned to you as valid XBRL/iXBRL – other formats accepted
  • In the case of the UK, output is validated against the HMRC checking service to ensure that it is "HMRC ready" for filing (fully compliant with HMRC tagging requirement)
  • Further, the iXBRL output is manually reviewed and validated for accuracy by qualified accountants to eliminate errors caused by any company-specific accounting practices and terminology
  • A PDF Tagging Report detailing the tags applied to your accounts, provides a visual record of tagging decisions made and enables you to check our assumptions



Prices are in GBP ₤ and are exclusive of VAT (value added tax) which, where applicable, is added to the invoice value.

Price per conversion of a single entity/set of accounts – GBP ₤
Up to 15 pages 16 to 30 pages 31 to 45 pages 46 to 55 pages 56 pages plus
per entity per entity per entity per entity per entity
₤99 ₤149 ₤199 ₤249 ₤4.95 per page for page 56 and above

  • Prices are subject to inspection of the entity/set of accounts and checking their suitability for conversion


Computations are charged per entity at 25% of the total conversion price detailed above.

Volume discounts

For processing of multiple entities/sets of accounts, please contact us for details.


See our Ireland section for pricing details.

ESEF for ESMA filing

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Australian IFRS

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Singapore ACRA

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Other taxonomies

For taxonomies from other jurisdictions/countries, and also custom-defined taxonomies, please contact us.